In this page we provide information that you will find useful for locating content in our website. Please review this page in detail before submitting an inquiry. 


a) General Information

  • What is Argentina Mining?
Argentina Mining is a marketing and events firm, with a strong commitment to the promotion of Mining in Argentina all over the world. See more >> 
  • What is the AM Network?
The AM Network is the core of Argentina Mining’s presence in the social networks. Our clients benefit from the extensive reach of our network, since their updates, profiles and news arrive not only to the visitor to our website, but also those who connect to us on the main networking sites. We are always investigating new sites and adding contents and value to the most popular ones. If you would like to know how our sponsors and other clients benefit from the AM Network, contact us. 
  • What is the Argentina Mining Convention?
Argentina Mining, the firm’s flagship event, is the premium meeting of the Argentinean mining sector which is carried out biennially since 1996. Mining Conferences have taken place in South America since 1995. Previously, Bolivia Mining 95, 99 and 2001, and Ecuador Mining 97 were also carried out. See more >>
  • How can I participate?
Several participation options are available, according to the requirements: first and foremost, companies can sponsor the event, participate in the trade show , as well as submit papers for the conferencescore shack and social functions. To know more about these options, you can also visit this link . 
  • What kinds of attendants participate in it?
The Argentina Mining Convention gathers the main actors of the sector, especially presidents, directors and executives of mining and exploration companies, and suppliers. See more on attendant profile >> 
  • What information is available on the previous editions of the Convention?
 In this website you will find information on all the editions, since 1996. See more on previous editions >> 
  • I am interested in Exhibiting. Are there exhibition options in both indoor and outdoor areas?
The Argentina Mining’s trade show will have both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas. List prices are available in the trade show page . 
  • I am interested in Sponsoring. Which are the options?
There are several sponsorship opportunities according to the various companies' needs. See more on sponsorship opportunities >> 
  • Who are Media Partners for the Convention?
Argentina Mining works with an increasing number of media for the promotion of its activities and Mining in Argentina. See more >> 
  • What is Latin Exploration?
Latin Exploration is an event from Argentina Mining which takes place since two years and deals with exploration in Latin America. Its first edition was organized in 2009 in Buenos Aires. See more about Latin Exploration >> 
  • I am interested in speaking opportunities on your events. Can I apply or submit my paper for consideration?
Yes, we are always looking for gifted and knowledgeable speakers. See the conditions and calls for papers in Argentina Mining and Latin Exploration´s pages.  
  • Beside the events, what types of products and services do you offer? 
Argentina Mining, as part of the widening of its business concept supplies a wide range of products and services for both mining and exploration companies as well as suppliers.

b) For Mining and Exploration Companies

  • I am evaluating Argentina as an exploration destination for my company. How can you advise me?
Rojas & Asociados, the operating partner of Argentina Mining, is a mining consulting firm specialized in advising mining companies that are evaluating exploration in Argentina, from the preliminary analysis, through settlement strategy, until exploration management. To see more, visit, o drop us a line at Moreover, we advise you to visit the Mining in Argentina sector in this site which holds a general overview of the sector that is useful for both miners and suppliers. See more >>
  • Is there geological information available on this site?
No, there isn't. To acquire geological official maps you should contact SEGEMAR , Argentinean Geological Service, state institution responsible for the production of geological, technical, mining, and environmental knowledge and information. You can download a .PDF file with their product catalog from here (only available in Spanish). 
  • Is there any mining land register (a map showing all mining concessions) of the country?
No, there isn’t. Argentina doesn’t have a unifying concession system yet. Licenses for mining exploration or production are handled in each province. However, the National Secretariat of Mining has an online system where you can obtain information having certain data as name of the property or its coordinates. For updated, in-depth land registers, you should go to mining secretariats or departments of mining in each province. In general, most mining companies ask for these compilations to specialized consultants. 
  • I want to know about existing projects and mines in the country, but I am not interested in technical-geological information.
You may have access to the most important projects by visiting our map of projects classified according to the geographical areas of the country: South,North and Center
  • Can I find in this site information on consultants or contractors that may be of interest to contact before I visit Argentina?
 Yes, you can visit our exhibitor catalog and sponsor catalog where you will find some of the leading firms in the sector, for mining services, consulting (legal, environmental, geological, communication, etc.), laboratories, equipment and supplies, as well as other miners that are active in Argentina. 
  • My company is recruiting. Which recruiting options do you offer?
 Argentina Mining offers several options, from the easy publication of your Job Ads, to recruiting custom made solutions that take advantage of the AM Network. To know more about recruitment solutions, contact us.

c) For contractors and suppliers

  • I want to enter the Argentinean mining market. What can you offer?
Argentina Mining’s expertise and market knowledge allow us to provide wide and varied market research solutions, competitive intelligence and evaluation. Depending on the degree of interest, and allocated budget we can offer several options.
  • I need to know and develop the Argentinean market
Our market research services can provide strategic information for decision-making processes, such as identification of prospective clients and development of contacts, competition analysis, price comparisons, etc. These solutions, combined with participation in our events , are an excellent mix to analyze and understand this market. 
  • I need to promote my company/product/service. How can you assist me?
We can provide different options: from advertising products such as the online exhibition in our website, and the email marketing service, to personalized consultancy in marketing and public relations , event organization and market research , and/or participation in our events , as exhibitors or sponsors . If you are an independent professional, you will be able to qualify for a new product to improve your visibility before potential clients. If you are interested in this upcoming launch, contact us
  • Is there a company directory available?
For a comprehensive listing of companies by field of work, and how to get in touch with them, you can request our custom-made market research services . 
  • I am looking for representatives in Argentina for the commercialization of my products/services. Do you act as representatives?
No, we do not take representations. However, in our market research services we can help you identify suitable representatives, according to the type of product/service. 
  • I want to enter the Chilean mining market. What can you offer? 
Rojas & Asociados, partner of Argentina Mining, Mining Consultants, has an office in Chile . Contact us.


  • Which is the current situation of Mining in Argentina?
About Mining in Argentina visit its special page. See more >> 
  • Can you provide some statistics on the sector?
Yes. We extensively monitor several key factors, such as countries of origin of the active companies, which minerals are being explored/mined for and their stage of the mining cycle. See more >> 
  • Which mines are currently in production?
Mining production is growing each year thanks to the construction and start up of a series of new mines. See more >> 
  • Among the projects in exploration and development, which are the most advanced?
Reliable statistics in the sector indicate that among 100 projects that are explored, only one can become a mine. If you take the amount of current mines and multiply for that number, one can envision the amount of work that was needed to produce them. Several advanced projects are identified today, in diverse status of development. See more on advanced projects >> 
  • How many and which are the mining companies that are currently active in Argentina?
The amount of companies varies from time to time, since new firms are arriving and others depart. The listing that is available in this site is the result of our constant monitoring of the exploration activity –the one with the highest risk and mobility- and mining, and it is updated twice a year. See the list here >> 
  • Which projects exist in the country? 
 We have identified projects in three main regions in our monitoring: Northwest , Center-West and South (Patagonia) .


  • How do I contact the companies that are active in Argentina?
In our listing of active mining companies, we provide links to each company’s website, if available. You can enter their website and contact them through a form or contact email. See the list here >> 
  • I want to contact someone specific from the sector to offer my services/products and I cannot find their name/company/website in the list you mention or the links provided. Can you give me their email?
Unless you are a reporter or senior corporate member of Argentina Mining Membership, we cannot freely provide such information. If you are looking for marketing and business development solutions for your company, contact us and we will analyze your needs to provide a proposal. You can see more on our market research services, events , marketing and public relations consultancy , or contact us to tell us about your requirements. 
  • I am a reporter (printed, online, radio, etc.) and need information on Mining in Argentina. Can you provide answers?
Yes, in case the specific nature of your questions exceeds the areas of our expertise, we will promptly put you in contact with another expert of the sector that can fully respond to your inquiries and with the speediness required. Please contact our press liaison . However, we do encourage you to review the section on Mining in Argentina . 

Could not find the answer to your question? Please, contact us.