100_5313During the last 20 years, the results of exploration in Argentina changed notoriously the scene of the industry throughout the country. In the 80’s only two or three mines were in operation; the 1990′s gave room for the start of production of important mineral deposits, some of them world-class.

At the moment, the country has the largest number of mines in operation in all of its history. Among them, there are 12 metalliferous mines: Veladero, Martha, Cerro Vanguardia, San Jose, Alumbrera, Pirquitas, Gualcamayo, Manantial Espejo, Aguilar, Farallón Negro, Andacollo, Casposo and Sierra Grande. Also, several industrial mineral deposits such as Salar del Hombre Muerto, Tincalayu, and Loma Blanca, as well as coal from Río Turbio and rodocrosite -semi precious stone- in Capillitas. Most of these mines are located in Santa Cruz, and the largest gold production comes from San Juan.

1 Aguilar (Ag-Zn-Pb) Glencore International Plc. Jujuy
2 Alumbrera (Au-Cu-Mo) UTE: YMAD/ Xstrata Copper Inc Catamarca
3 Andacollo (Au) Minera Andacollo Gold SA Neuquén
4 Capillitas (Cu-Pb-Zn-Au-Ag) Somica-Dem Catamarca
5 Casposo (Au-Ag) troy Resources Ltd. San Juan
6 Cerro Vanguardia (Au-Ag) UTE: Anglogold / FOMICRUZ SE Santa Cruz
7 Farallón Negro (Au-Ag) YMAD Catamarca
8 Fenix (Salar del Hombre Muerto) (Litio) FMC Lithium Catamarca
9 Gualcamayo (Au-Ag-Cu) Yamana Gold / Minas Argentinas San Juan
10 Loma Blanca (tincal y ulexita de alta ley de B2O3) Procesadora de Boratos S.A. Jujuy
11 Manantial Espejo (Au-Ag) Pan American Silver Santa Cruz
12 Martha (Au-Ag) Coeur D’Alene Mining Corp Santa Cruz
13 Pirquitas (Ag-Zn-Sn) Silver Standard Resources Jujuy
14 Río Turbio (Carbón) YCRT Santa Cruz
15 San José (Au-Ag) Minera Hochschild / McEwen Mining Santa Cruz
16 Sierra Grande (Fe) MCC Río Negro
17 Tincalayu (Bórax) Rio Tinto Salta
18 Veladero (Au-Ag) Barrick Gold Corp San Juan



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