AreaMinera Magazine, is a media that specializes in the mining Area, with a scope to every people, companies, institutions and agencies that have interest in it. Born in order to join them in a communication framework of common interest , creating a informative center aimed to improve the image and knowledge of the activities of the sector, delivering good and on time information, quality and opinion leadership. Our main concern is to deliver with accuracy, dynamism, truthfulness and innovation the developments or news of these areas and all of it groups of interest. Besides demonstrate technical, commercials and figures aspects, we emphasize to persons who shape or belong to the companies, organizations and institutions that have led to this productive national sector into a level of global relevance that it has nowadays. AreaMinera Magazine has two formats, one of them is printed on paper that publishes every month and a website that updates every day. Néstor    Fernández R - Administrador, Director Av. 11 de Septiembre 1881 oficina 1823    Santiago 7500520 Metropolitana    Chile 56-2-335-00-21