Pierrette Prince. Gerente Comercial SGS / MMI. Primer día, Martes, Agosto 31, 17:40-18:00 MMI™ soil geochemistry has been proven in countless case studies and used at hundreds of deposits over the past 15 years. After initial early success for gold and nickel in Australia, the technique came to the fore in its application to the glacial tills of Canada. MMI™ responses are not displaced and do not form 'negative anomalies'. The proven track record of this innovative technology is unmatched in the industry. To cement our longstanding partnership with Dr. Alan Mann, who pioneered and introduced MMI™ technology to the industry, in 2008 SGS became the sole provider of this strategic technology. Proper sampling is the key to accurate MMI™ responses. Our experts are available to answer questions about sampling protocols and can refer you to experienced consultants for advice on interpreting MMI™ responses.