Argentina Mining, the National University of San Martín, the National University of Salta, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) and the Latin American Mining Organization (OLAMI) organized the SEMINAR on CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE MINING ACTIVITY, during ARGENTINA MINING 2012. The course was aimed to Senior Officials of Institutions and Companies, as well as to professionals and academicians linked to mining activities and education related to the sector. Place: Alejandro I Hotel (Balcarce 252 – Salta) Date: 3rd September, 2012

Why should I attend the Seminar?

During the last years, the Argentinean Mining sector has been affected by conflicts that may difficult its development and limit local, regional and national development opportunities. All the professionals dedicated to the Mining activity must face social challenges in all the stages of the projects. These challenges are as demanding as the most difficult technical problems can be solved. Unfortunately, it is rather unlikely that their studies prepare them to face social situations. Since the first arrival to the territory where projects are located, i.e., the beginning of the mining cycle, the way to manage the social aspects influences all the following stages. Therefore, it is extremely important the education and training of the professionals at the moment of developing the social duties. During the recent decades, an amazing pool of knowledge has been developed regarding Corporate Social Responsibility. It is time to incorporate this treasure of knowledge in the education and training programs for mining professionals, so that they learn how to act in all types of social situations, even in the most difficult ones. This seminar is aimed to start this process. The reasons why CSR is essential will be dealt with, and some tools for the mining sector will be described. Afterward, a case study of mineral exploration that has been successful concerning CSR will be described. Lastly, education and training methods will be matter of debate.


Time Activity
9:00 am Ethical approach and human aspects - Humberto Ortiz Roca, Episcopal Commission for Social Action (CEAS) - Peru
9:40 am CSR Financial Aspects - Waldo Pérez, Lithium Americas
10:20 am Coffee break
10:50 am Tools for the mining sector - Normand Champigny, Donner Metals, Co-President of the CSR Committee of PDAC – Canada
11:30 am Case Study - Jan Boon, Carleton University, Member of the CSR Committee of PDAC- Canada
12:10 am Free lunch
01:30 pm Communities’ Expectations - Rosana Calpanchay, President of the Aboriginal Community from Puesto Sey
02:10 pm Examples of Conflicts - Roberto Lencina, National University of Tucumán
02:50 pm Training and education on CSR - Louis Guay, Louis Guay & Associates – Canada
03:30 pm Coffee Break
04:00 pm General debate with the exhibitors' panel and summary
05:00 pm Closing