1.-Electro Hydraulic Jumbos, 1 & 2 booms for radial and production drilling. 2.-Hydrualic Rock Drills and spare parts for different models. 3.-Components for drilling Jumbos (feed beams, drill steel support, cradles, etc.) 4.-Hydraulic RockBreakers and complete stationary units These products are manufactured by Equipos Mineros S.A. which Manufacturing Facilities are located in Santiago, Chile and counts with more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing of  parts and complete drilling units; experience that allows them to permanently add new units and models to their line of products which allows us to broaden our range or products. AG Mining Equipment Inc., located in Mississauga, Ontario, supplies the Canadian and world Market Hydraulic Rock Drills and replacement parts, for most drifters used in underground mines.  Spare parts and components for different model drilling rigs (feed beam, steel support, cradles, bushing, pins); Hydraulic Rock Breakers for underground mining, construction and quarries, with base, boom and breaker system. We have expanded our line of products ton include 1 and 2 boom electro hydraulic drilling rigs for underground mining and also radial drilling rigs. Contacts: Canada:  Walter Solari,  equipos@bellnet.ca +1(905) 502-5878 Chile: Aldo M. Gatica, emsa@equiposmineros.cl + 1(56 2) 737 6419 http://    http://    http://    http://www.equiposmineros.com