logoexposibram2010Belen, capital of the State of Pará, will greet in November the second editionh of EXPOSIBRAM Amazônia 2010, which includes the International Exhibition of Mining in the Amazon and the 2nd Congress of Mining in the Amazon. The 2008 edition was a great success.

The motto for EXPOSIBRAM Amazônia 2010 is “The Sustainable Nature of the Mining Industry”. The event intends to call attention on the sustainable character of mining projects, specially in the Amazon area, focus  of the discussions on development together with environmental and social responsibility.

Information about this event:
  • Frequency: Biennial
  • Type of event: Tradeshow and Congress
  • Date: November 22-25, 2010
  • City: Belen, Brazil.
  • Venue: Hangar Centro de Convenções da Amazônia
  • Area: 4,000 sqm
  • Exhibitors: 144 companies (approx.)
  • Countries: N/A
  • Participants: 9.000 Visitors and 1.000 delegates (approx.)
  • Organizer: IBRAM
Source: website from the organizers. More information at:  http://www.exposibram.org.br/