A Professional Development Course: "Economic Guidelines for Mineral Exploration" . August 17 to 21, 2009, Santiago de Chile.

Rojas & Asociados, Mining Consultants presents the specialized course "Economic Guidelines for Mineral Exploration" to be held on 17-21 August 2009. The course will be leaded by Dr. Michael Doggett, who is a professor of the Mineral Exploration Master’s Program at Queen’s University, in Ontario, Canada. The course is designed to train participants (especially geologists, engineers, economists and other professionals of the mining industry) in the techniques used to assess and value mineral projects. The course is structured to be highly practical and maximize interaction between trainers and participants. An integral part of the course is work where participants are organized into groups of five to discuss and complete assignments of industry case studies based on each segment of the course material. Each group will be responsible for presenting their assignments to the class. This course is similar to the one Dr. M. Doggett teaches at Queen’s University. Its duration is 5 days and a limited number of 30 participants. The course rate is USD 1.850 + VAT (21%). Participants from other cities can book their rooms at the same hotel (not included in the rate). "Economic Guidelines for Mineral Exploration" is an excellent opportunity to acquire the knowledge about the evaluation of projects in exploration phases and economic feasibility. pdfProgram pdfMore about the Course pdfRegistration Form