Argentina Mining announces new venue for the 9th International Convention on Business Opportunities in Exploration, Geology and Mining: Argentina Mining 2012

MENDOZA, ARGENTINA. March 6th, 2011. Argentina Mining is pleased to announce the launching of the ninth edition of its flagship event, the International Convention Argentina Mining 2012, to be held in a new venue on this occasion, Salta’s city, on September 4-6, 2012 Argentina Mining conventions began in 1996 in Mendoza’s city. From 2006 onwards, the Convention became an itinerant event with joint activities in San Juan and Mendoza. In 2010, it was held entirely in San Juan. Salta. The next frontier in the Argentinean mining industry. Salta has a long history in mining; however, during the last years, the number of projects and companies has increased enormously. Nowadays, Salta registers a large production of industrial minerals, mainly borate and lithium; and there are a dozen mining companies actively exploring for gold, copper, silver and lithium; for example, Lithium One, Silver Standard, Lumina Copper, Lithium Americas, Regulus Resources, Cascadero Copper, among others. Moreover, El Quevar project of Golden Minerals is in construction stage – its first production is estimated to start in 2012- and Lindero of Mansfield Minerals is awaiting environmental approval to begin construction. Both projects involve an investment of at least 320 million dollars. At the same time, the province is seriously promoting the widening and improvement of the local supplier's offer to fulfill the requirements of a growing activity. “Argentina Mining, as its motto states, was created to expand the frontiers of opportunity. In line with this concept, we choose Salta because we believe it’s the next frontier in the Argentinean mining industry –its potential is in the making and we want to be its catalyst,” affirmed Paola Rojas, Manager of Argentina Mining. Argentina Mining last edition meant, for San Juan’s province, an economic impact of nearly 3 million pesos, and for the country, this amount rose to 10 million pesos. Statistics were collected by taking into account different indicators as tourism, participants’ means of travelling, and suppliers who participated directly or indirectly in the convention. "After 4 years of perseverance, the Mining Chamber of Salta congratulates the organizers of the International Conference Argentina Mining and welcomes the decision of accepting the province’s invitation to organize the next event Argentina Mining 2012 in Salta. Undoubtedly, this decision not only has to do with Salta’s hospitality and its magical scenery, but it represents the appreciation of the international mining community toward a province that has maintained a firm and consistent policy for more than a decade and where the public-private cooperation was the key factor in the defense of the mining sector which it’s now beginning to bear fruit. Mining companies based in Salta invite all companies of the sector to join this event which will certainly be a worthwhile experience”, said Facundo Huidobro, President of Mining Chamber of Salta. Argentina Mining 2012 launching was celebrated yesterday with a cocktail at Casa de Salta in Buenos Aires where governmental authorities from Salta, managers and businessmen of mining companies, suppliers, and professionals attended the event. About Argentina Mining: Argentina Mining is an Events and Marketing firm focused on the Argentinean mining market. Its objectives are gathering the mining community in Argentina and providing a place to promote the activity in the world, developing business opportunities for its members. The company organizes the premium international event of the Argentinean mining sector, the Argentina Mining Convention, which takes place biennially in Argentina since 1996, and the Latin Exploration Conference, among others. Additionally, it provides advisory services in public relations and marketing and develops supplementary products. For further information, please visit