Alex Stewart ArgentinaGeneral Information: Our Geochemical area provides independent research and inspection services applied to mining including environmental analysis. We issue certificates or reports, made according to our customer’s requirements. Our wide range of services is up to international quality standards, offering analytical solutions to any need the customer requests since we are focused on the research and development (R & D) of new techniques. Field of Work: Mining Services, Consulting, Laboratory. Specific Field of Work: Analyses, geochemical and environmental sampling and inspection, Pickles. Services: Geochemistry -Sample Preparation (drying ovens, 1st and 2nd -Terminator-Crushers, Rifflex Cutout, Sprayed LM-Z, Sieving as IRAM 1-501) -Pre-treatment (fire assay for gold, silver and platinum group elements determination; Dissolution by Aqua Regia, Multiacid and Oxidant; Fusion by Majority oxides and silica by Gravimetry; Calcination of shrubs and plants) -Elements Determination Methods (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-; spectrophotometry by Argon Plasma Emission-ICP, Brines Analysis; Determination of Mercury by Cold Steam; micro-gravimetry) -Storage and custody -Brines Environmental -Carbon Footprint -Analysis of Water and Wastewater -Hydrogeochemistry -Air Analysis -Predicting acid drainage on rocks (ABATest) -Environmental Management (Training, Auditing and Reporting) Inspections -Concentrate and consolidation Shipments. -Inventory stock (ore piles, concentrates, dore), topographic survey (total station or GPS) on mines and processing plants. Sponsor Gold / Booth Nº 182 Contacto: Sr. Marcelo Tejada, Gerente de Relaciones Institucionales y Comerciales. Oficina: Rodriguez Peña 1140 - Luzuriaga. Maipu. 5516. Mendoza. Argentina. Tel: 54 0261 4932253 / 4931603 /