Conference Program

A conference program covering some of the key subjects to be updated on exploration in Latin America.

Exploration in the Region

Latin America is the ultimate exploration destination, with great geological potential ranging from base and precious metals to industrial and energy minerals. Hear about the current status of exploration and the potential of principally mining countries as Chile, Mexico, Peru and Brazil; new players as Colombia and Argentina; and countries which are taking their first steps in mining exploration as Uruguay, Ecuador, and Paraguay.

Corporate Strategies

Listen to executives from active mining companies uncover their strategies, main projects and their experiences exploring in the region.

Opportunities in Mining in the Region

Receive key information on project acquisitions, Joint Ventures, business development and major contracts.

Commodities and their Outlook

Learn about the forecast for commodities which predominate in the region, especially gold, silver, copper and lithium.

Financing Exploration

Current trends on financing mining exploration and their application in Latin American countries.

Development of New Markets

Learn how global suppliers approach their international business development adjusting to local environments and, at the same time, applying corporate standards of performance.

CSR During Exploration

Best practices in this area including theoretical aspects based on the latest trends, as well as case studies, and companies that outperform in CSR.

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Some of  confirmed speakers are:

John Ashburne

John Ashburne

Director, Black Horse Advisors, Financiamiento en 2013
Lead Principal, Black Horse Advisors, Financing in 2013
Eduardo Chaparro

Eduardo Chaparro

Director Ejecutivo, Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia, RSE
Executive Director, National Business Association of Colombia, CSR
Luis Bizzi

Luis Bizzi

Presidente & CEO, Rio Grande Mining Co, Proyectos de Exploración de Minerales Pesados en Sudamérica
President & CEO, Rio Grande Mining Co, Heavy Minerals Exploration Projects in South America
Eugenio Ferraris

Eugenio Ferraris

Gerente Corporativo de Exploraciones y Recursos Mineros, Compañía Minera Milpo, Exploración en Latinoamérica
Chief Exploration and Mining Resources Officer, Compañía Minera Milpo, Exploration in Latin America.
Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens

Decano Asociado de Recursos Naturales en el Instituto de Tecnología de Columbia Británica (BCIT), El desafío de la minería para los próximos 10 años.
Associate Dean of Natural Resources at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Challenges for mining in the next 10 years.
Carlos G. Cuburu

Carlos G. Cuburu

Gerente de RRCC de Gaia Energy / Tema: RSE en minería, Ser o Hacer, esa es la cuestión. Una visión holística de la nueva Minería.
CCRR Manager, Gaia Energy / Topic: CSR in Mining. To be or to do, that is the question. A holistic point of view of Mining.


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