We provide flexible representation services to provide select clients a reliable and effective way of operating in the country, establishing brand presence and generate sales.

Through this service a foreign company can take advantage of our ample knowledge of the market since gained by constant presence since the ‘90, and benefit from our wide network of contacts. Furthermore, our service allows beginning operations at a fraction of the cost of installing offices and hiring personnel with full time dedication.

We can also, when necessary, become directors of the local board, in constant collaboration and communication with the local lawyers and accountants that were selected, for some of our clients that require support for the corporate side of their arrival in the country.

Alternatively, we assist local companies that wish to expand into the Mining market, generally those that already provide industrial services or products –currently offered to sectors such as oil & gas, construction, water, etc.- and due to its particular characteristics are also required by the mining sector, either from exploration, development, construction, operation and/or mine closure.

Our Mendoza office, strategically located in the center/west of the country, as well as constant presence in events of importance, allows us to always be in contact with our target market and updated regarding the latest trends and news of this dynamic sector of the international scene.