Argentina Mining believes that today, Corporate Social Responsibility should be part of the operation of any company with a social conscience. Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is where community and companies get in contact. The company wants to offer more to society, and the latter, in turn, calls for social involvement and sensitivity from the companies, beyond production and profits. CSR cannot be defined solely as the actions that the company runs a social nature, but also a form of management.

Argentina Mining’s CSR policy of is based on the following pillars:

Environment: Argentina Mining believes that each person on the planet must do their part to protect it. Along these lines, we have evaluated our direct impacts and defined some guidelines to reduce them:

  1. Use of paper and materials, promote the use of sustainable printing practices in our suppliers and keep our use of promotional materials and brochures to a minimum. Waste materials are recycled.
  2. Reduction: prioritize the use of online systems.

Community work: Argentina Mining has defined some special fields of work.

  1. Child Malnutrition: We contribute to organizations focused on improving child nutrition, key to developing full intellectual capacity. For the country's growth, future generations need more education which in turn will grant them more chances.
  2. Animal Protection: We work with organizations that aim to protect animals from neglect and violence.

Outreach: In conjunction with the fulfillment of our events we address a number of outreach activities to the community.

  1. Information on mining to the community: we have communication and information programs such as the Opportunities in Mining program, among others. Also, we seek international experts to present at our events, to help improve the application of CSR techniques by firms in Argentina, which in turn result in better management of communication and community relations of our clients with the communities near their projects and to the community in general.
  2. Education Support: we provide scholarships for students and teachers to attend our events, and generate other opportunities for students. We also have internship vacancies s for students in careers related to our line of business.

Ethics: Argentina Mining develops its business in an ethical fashion, from being a fair employer and not discriminating by gender, nationality, or any other criteria, to zero tolerance for illegal payments to representatives of any entity with which we interact.

Finally, as part of our policy we want to help distribute information on CSR activities of our clients and the mining sector in general, through this website and the AM network. To learn more, visit the section on CSR.