Market Research

 Over 10 years of experience in the mining sector in Argentina allow us to conduct complete market intelligence analysis and studies. We are constantly monitoring the arrival of new companies, important developments in projects and mines, governmental attitude and news in general that have an effect on the mining industry. We have a qualified and capable professional staff, efficient in the analysis of information, with methods and statistical techniques to make data mining and to advise on market intelligence. Our investigations include qualitative and quantitative analyses and desk research. 
Our solutions will allow your company to:
  • Enter the mining market.
  • Enhance your current market size.
  • Strengthen your position.
  • Increase sales.
  • Generate new business opportunities.
Research Types Among the research alternatives we can mention:  A. Generic / Multicompany: these are generic studies, that analyze trends as a whole, and do not focus on any particular company. 
  • Mining in Argentina
  • Mining companies and projects in Argentina
  • Mines in operation in Argentina
  • Mining companies exploring for Uranium in Argentina
  • Mining companies exploring and producing silver in Argentina
  • Mining companies exploring and producing gold in Argentina
  • Mining companies exploring and producing copper in Argentina
  • Supply of services and products to the mining industry in Argentina 

B. Custom made: these are studies made specifically on an area or type of requirement identified by the client. 
Some studies previously prepared: Limestones inventory; Uranium deposits in Argentina; Inventory of resources of basic metals and precious metals; Communication management and mining companies in Argentina; Companies of Uranium in Argentina; Deposits of economic interest in Argentina.