GEMERA launched its new website characterized by a sober design and ease of navigation. The Business Group of Exploring Mining Companies of the Argentine Republic (GEMERA) is an association of companies founded in 1993 committed since its foundation to the defense of the interests of productive and exploring mining activity. At a national level, GEMERA is part of the Chamber of Mining Companies of Argentina and works in collaboration with local chambers, acting as a link between the local and national situation. Its members are exploration companies of diverse size and origin.

Among the objectives the association shows in its website, it is highlighted that, “GEMERA was born as a meeting place for businessmen and as a centre for the discussion of specific exploration problems. Since 2005, due to a greater development and market improvement in the international mining scene, GEMERA began a restructuring and professionalization process. This process involved the drawing up of a charter, as well as the search for new members and the ratification of existent members.”

Nowadays, GEMERA is formed by the majority of the mining companies operating in Argentina. Its professional structure enables the group to act in defense of its members and the mining activity.

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