6 Sep, 2018, 16:10 - 16:30

Miguel Francisco Di Nanno, President, Latin Resources Limited

Curriculum Vitae
Mining Engineer - General Manager for Recursos Latinos SA - President of Pan American Goldfields Ltd. - U.S.A. and subsidiary in Mexico SUNBURST MINERA DE MEXICO SACV - Specialist Consultant in Mining for UNOPS - AuMin Project – United Nations / Prov. San Juan. COO for Grosso Group in Argentina - Commercial Development Manager for the Government of Queensland (Australia) and Australian Industry Group. General Manager for Phelps Dodge Exploration Argentina SA. - General Coordinator for "Basic Environmental Studies for the Mining Industry - Patagonian Zone - PASMA 2" State Undersecretary of Mining. New Business Development Manager Lakefield Research Ltd. and IATASA - Consultant for several mining and exploration companies. Extensive experience in exploration, production and specialized environment.


Company Profile. Exploratory positioning in terms of hectares covered by cateos and their geological potential. New global energy paradigm linked to the positioning of lithium in the world market.