7 Sep, 2018, 12:00 - 12:20

Guillermo Eduardo Re Khül, President, Espíritu de los Andes S.A.

Curriculum Vitae
Graduate in Geological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. Master of Sciences, Cornell University. • President, Alto Americas S.A. 2002 – Present • Over 60 exploration projects carried out worldwide, using satellite, airborne and terrestrial remote sensing technologies. • Multi and hyperspectral surveys in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Perú, Chile, Mexico, USA, Saudi Arabia and Sudan among other countries. • President, Espíritu de los Andes S.A. 2013 – Present Espíritu de los Andes S.A. is an Argentine Company committed to the exploration of ecological alluvial gold in the country. Alluvial gold project Ajedrez holds major interest for the Company since it is one of the most important alluvial gold projects in Argentina due to the quality of the ore and the estimate amount of its reserves. • VP International Operations, Alto Americas B.V., ChevronTexaco Co. January 2002 – November 2002 • General Manager, Hytec S.A., ChevronTexaco Co. October 2000 – December 2001 • President, GRK Servicios Mineros S.A. September 1996 – September 2000 • Project Development Manager – Latin America, INCO Ltd. September 1995 – September 1996 • Exploration Coordinator – Latin America, FMC Gold Company February 1994 – September 1995 • Senior Remote Sensing Geologist – Technology Group, FMC Gold Company September 1991 – February 1994


Ajedrez Alluvial Gold Project is one of most important alluvial gold projects in Argentina due to the quality of its ore and the estimated amount of its reserves. Given the Project characteristics, it is possible to implement the concentration and extraction of gold by conventional mechanical methods, at a very low cost, without the use of environmentally harmful chemical products. The Project is located in the well-known Gold District of Sierra de La Rinconada, in the Northwest of the Province of Jujuy, 300 km from the City of San Salvador de Jujuy. The Project area covers approximately 60,000 hectares and is located 3,900 meters above sea level. The main gold reserves of the Project were defined in the river terraces and floodplains. The average ore grade within these exploration targets is 0.7 g/m3. Sites with more than 4 g/m3 gold were also identified. The results of the exploration program were very encouraging, proving the existence of at least 100,000 troy ounces (around 3,000 kg) of gold. Gold is expected to be produced by means of a mobile concentration plant. This plant mainly consists on centrifuge gravitational concentrators that allow a high recovery of gold, in particular within the very fine granulometry of the enriched sediment layers. The current design for the Exploitation Stage foresees the production of six (6) to eight (8) kilograms of gold per month at the time the ore concentration equipment is functioning under regime. Provided this rate of production is maintained, the Project could have a mine life of almost thirty (30) years. The Company has developed during the last four years an intense work of socialization with the local Communities that live in the Project area, reaching a very positive and important Company-Community relationship. It is expected that the realization of the Project could also bring important regional benefits that would contribute to incorporate artisanal or informal mining to the production process planned by the Company, thus integrating it to the formal economic circuit.