5 Sep, 2018, 17:50 - 18:10

Diego Pestaña, President, Grupo AGV

Curriculum Vitae
He studied Foreign Commerce at Banco de Boston Fundation. He settled in Salta in 1992 and he created Agrovial Metán, a company dedicated to soil leveling, cleaning, and movement. In 2004, he founded AGV Máquinas SRL and he started the distribution for NOA OF Komatsu. Later, he worked with Alexander Gold in a silver and copper project, at Leon with Falcon Drilling SRL, at Madero Mineralos in urane projects and in Salta Exploraciones. He was the founder and president for the first 4 years of CAPEMISA (Camera of Providers of Mining Entreprises)


The new challenges in the norwest of Argentina and the local suppliers point of view