Minera Triton Argentina Argentina Mining is pleased to announce that Minera Triton Argentina, company member of the Canadian Group Pan American Silver Corp. and operator of Mina Manantial Espejo in Santa Cruz, is again participating with us. In this occasion, the company is Silver Sponsor of Latin Exploration 2009, 1st International Conference on Exploration in Latin America. We thank the company for participating one more time and for its continued support to our events. About Minera Triton Argentina: Minera Triton Argentina S.A. is a Company member of the Canadian Group Pan American Silver Corp. It trades in the most important stock exchanges of the world. Panamerican Silver is dedicated to the silver production, having several deposits in operation around the continent, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia at the present. Manantial Espejo became the first mining project carried out here in Argentina. When Manantial reaches top production, it will position Panamerican Silver as the world’s first silver producer. The company's policy makes strong emphasis on Productive Efficiency with Social Responsibility supported by three fundamental principles; a Workplace Safety, the Protection of Environment and the Contribution to the Sustainable development of the Communities located near the Deposit.