Cuarta Revolución is a technology-based company integrating industrial solutions, composed by a multidisciplinary team, which main focus is to create the necessary technologies needed to contribute to the digital transformation for the development of industry 4.0. We create new levels of associativity with our customers, suppliers and collaborators, promoting a culture of innovation that brings leadership, quality, organization, responsibility and compliance, creating new business models that add value and allow us to achieve our client’s objectives.

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Cuarta Revolución introduces tools and methodologies in the monitoring and control of operational assets, by collecting data related to the variables that allow knowing and measuring in real time machine’s performance, health of people and equipment no matter the manufacturer, and this translates into total interoperability. A new and sophisticated software, cyber-security, cloud storage and computing, sensor installation, powerful mathematical algorithms, Big Data, analytics and an innovative interoperability system. Welcome to Industry 4.0

Empresa: Soluciones Tecnológicas Cuarta Revolución SpA
Rubro: Tecnología
SubRubro: Tecnología
Teléfono: +56963442310
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País: Chile
Provincia: RM
Ciudad: Santiago
Dirección: Camino las vertientes 1462
CP: 7610427

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