Nubicom SRL pioneered the provision of symmetrical internet connection through radio-link to mining companies located in La Puna and North of Argentina. There, where no other type of connection is viable, we make a difference by providing internet with more than the 99% of service availability (SLA, Service Level Agreement), defying the connectivity limits that characterize the geography and the climatic conditions of the area.

Products / Services

Non-satellite connection services throughtout La Puna and the North of Argentina. 100% of symmetric dedicated internet line guaranteed. High availability VHF / UHF systems. Robust internal telecommunications solutions, turnkey. Transitory services in exploration camps.

Company: Nubicom S.R.L
Category: Technology
Sub-Category: Communications
Phone: +5493876128071
Fax: -
Country: Argentina
State: SALTA
Address: Balcarce 175 piso 2 of. 219
CP: 4400

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