Litarsa is the first company with argentine capitals solely, dedicated to the exploration, exploitation and production of lithium deposits in the Republica Argentina. Our venture is aimed to provide the global market with a unique product in its kind, battery-grade lithium carbonate, using state-of-the-art technology and constant developments. The Litarsa project is a private initiative that could be realized thanks to the dedication, management and participation of a professional team who were selected for having the greatest experience in each production area. Our human resources constitute the backbone of the company, men and women who tirelessly set new goals for development and study, making it possible for Litarsa to be the number one company in Argentina in extraction, processing of lithium and its derivatives.

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Litarsa is focused in a dual project involving the extraction and refining of lithium carbonate, for future use in the manufacture of lithium batteries for the storage of energy, generated through solar panels or wind devices. A scientific research team works constantly with universities and related companies, analyzing results and statistics with maximum precision, allowing Litarsa to position itself in the first place in the manufacture of lithium batteries in the República Argentina.

Company: LITARSA - Litio Argentino SA
Category: Mining Companies
Sub-Category: Production
Phone: +5491169254161
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Country: Argentina
State: Salta
City: Salta
Address: Monsenor Tavella 2580
CP: 4400

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