HIDROTEC SRL is a company created by geologists and drillers with many years of experience in drilling in Northern Argentina, with the technical support of a drilling team with proven skills in the construction of water wells up to 1500 meters deep and 2150 NQ dr core drilling (our staf held the max. hq meters of production in one week record) throughout the Argentine territory. The functionality of our machines is warranted by one of the most prestigious metalworks in this country, Metalurgica Santa Anita.

Products / Services

HIDROTEC SRL provides the following services: • Water well drilling • Brine well drilling • Salt flat drilling (core and rotary) • Core drilling • RC drilling • Packer tests • Drive point tests • Geoelectrical prospecting • Hydrogeological Consulting • Technical Management of wells • Water conveyance works • Pumping tests • Pump installation and extraction • Well filming • Well Cleaning and Recovery • Topography

Category: Mining Services
Sub-Category: Drilling
Web: www.hidrotecperf.com.ar
Phone: +54 (387) 5007982
Fax: +54 (387) 5007982
Country: Argentina
State: Salta
City: B° San Luis-Salta Capital
Address: Cerro los tres zorritos N°114
CP: 4400

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