ADY Resources
  • ADY Resources Limited (ADY) is producing lithium products in an integrated facility
    at Salar del Rincon in Salta Province, Argentina. ADY is the only lithium producer at
    the Salar del Rincon, and in the Province of Salta. ADY controls mining, extraction,
    and processing of minerals from the Salar.
    Lithium carbonate is produced from the Salar’s brines by solar concentration,
    chemical treatment, and precipitation processes. The operation is
    self-sufficient in process water, which is supplied from nearby
    borefields on tenements that are controlled by ADY. Electricity and
    natural gas are available from adjacent reticulated supplies and key
    process reagents are sourced locally.
    Lithium product purity spans technical and electrochemical applications.
    Rigorous quality monitoring and control procedures ensure
    consistent, reliable product.
    ADY operates two modern and well-equipped analytical laboratories
    that monitor production and final product. ADY utilizes a
    specialized extraction process supported by its own registered patent.
    Lithium consumers need supply chain security from lithium raw materials to
    the end product. Our aim is to provide supply security and we achieve this
    by focusing on quality, consistency, timely delivery, reliability and longevity.