TRENDIX MINING is an Argentine mining company, focused on prospecting and exploration of metalliferous, non-metalliferous and energetic mineral deposits. In its 20 years of life, the company has led to the discovery of numerous projects of noble and basic metals in various provinces of Argentina. It currently controls some 200,000 hectares of mining properties distributed in Rio Negro, Salta, and San Juan provinces.

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Trendix Mining has a large portfolio of mining projects in different exploration stages. The company has focused its activity mainly in Patagonia, although it also has projects in San Juan and Salta province. Some of the main projects that make up the portfolio of Trendix Mining are: La Luz Ivan Trend (Au-Ag-In-base metals), Cerro Choique (Au-Ag), Pico Quemado (coal), Bajo del Piche (uranium), Sallar Tolillar (Salta-lithium), and Salar Antofalla Norte (Salta-lithium). In the case of the most advanced projects, the company is in search of alliances with investor groups or mining operators, through exploration agreements with purchase option, joint ventures, total or partial sale, etc.

Company: Trendix Mining
Category: Mining Companies
Sub-Category: Exploration
Phone: +54 280 4606332
Fax: +54 280 4606332
Country: Argentina
State: Chubut
City: Puerto Madryn
Address: Av. Roca 2724
CP: CP 9120

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