Proyecto Pastos Grandes S.A., subsidiary of Millennial Lithium Corporation, a company that develops one of the leading lithium brine projects in the province of Salta. The Pastos Grandes project will be among the next producers in the province. The keys to achieving this are: a strategic location, the right professionals and proven technologies. The Pastos Grandes Project has developed rapidly in a respectful relationship with the community in which it is inserted, with environmental care and sustainable development that includes the incorporation of renewable sources of energy in its matrix. The two strategic partners that underpin this success are: The Community of Santa Rosa de los Pastos Grandes and the suppliers. Both complete a virtuous circle that promises to boost the development of local capacities becoming the perfect counterpart of an experienced and highly accomplished international management team with extensive knowledge of financial markets and the demand drivers for lithium. Thus, with a production of 25,000 tons annual lithium carbonate that will enter the market starting in 2020-21, the Pastos Grandes Project is presented as an important participant in the next milestone in the Argentine market.

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Company: Millennial Lithium Corp.
Category: Mining Companies
Sub-Category: Exploration
Phone: +54 0387 6200701
Fax: +54 0387 6200701
Country: Argentina
State: Salta
City: Salta
Address: Los Tarcos 26
CP: 4400

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