LIEX SA owns the 3 Quebradas project, located in the municipality of Fiambalá, Province of Catamarca. 3Q is the project with the highest concentration of lithium in Argentina and the project with the lowest concentration of combined sulphate and magnesium impurities in the world. It is also one of the fastest growing lithium brine projects, moving from discovery to full development in only two and a half years. Currently in pre-feasibility stage. The 50 holes drilled recently allowed the consolidation of an increase of the lithium resources in 227%. the company has completed the bench scale evaporation cycle at the project site, based on local climatic conditions, concentrating lithium brine by solar evaporation up to 3.8% lithium. The company is currently making important extensions, since it is constructing pilot evaporation ponds, also implementing a pilot plant located in Fiambalá for the production of lithium carbonate (pilot phase) in the next 6 months. Liex SA takes seriously the development of local communities, prioritizing their direct contracting as labor or as suppliers of services. LIEX SA develops the project in a “model” camp that is supplied with solar energy and has a solid waste treatment plant that avoids pollution.

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Company: LIEX SA
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